Finding Your “Thing”

19 Jan

ImageI love clean, flat surfaces that are free from clutter, especially my kitchen table.  When my kitchen table is cleared of clutter, I feel light and happy, like all is right in my own little world, and I can do anything.  It’s a small thing, I know, but it is pivotal for me and gives me a sense of control and power over my circumstances.  It also seems to be an indicator of how my life is going.  When I’m doing what I know I was born to do, following my Divine path, listening to my inner voice or whatever you choose to call it, it’s amazing how easy it seems to be to keep that table clear.  When I’m tired or over extended or there is too much on our calendar, that table seems almost impossible to keep clear.  I’ve often wondered if the table is a reflection of my life or if my life is a reflection of that table.  It really doesn’t matter which it is because when I feel stressed, I can look at that table and just know something has to change. 

I think we all have something in our lives like that.  If you are living your best life, you probably know what your “thing” is, the thing that sets you up for success in your day.  For some people it’s exercise, for some it’s clearing their kitchen island, for some it’s doing the crossword and for some it’s spending time with their spiritual practice.  Whatever it is, when they do it, they feel great and the rest of the day is spectacular.

Then there are those who aren’t sure about their “thing”.  They just stumble through the day, without purpose, at the whim of whatever blows their way.  I know some people who are that way too, and they usually know what they need to do, but they find every reason not to change and everyone else to blame for it.  It’s a bit painful to watch, especially when they are more interested in bemoaning their circumstances rather than reaching for a solution (remember I’m a fixer).

Now, I’m all for spontaneity, being a free spirit and all, but over the years, I’ve learned something.  When you get your ducks in a row, especially in the areas that you’ve struggled in, spontaneity is more fun because it isn’t followed by the guilt of what you should have done instead.  It’s a license to feel great all the time and who doesn’t want that? So, if you’re living your best life, you probably don’t need this reminder/challenge.  Every day is a glorious adventure.  Heck, you may not even be reading this post because your life is so darned interesting and exciting.  If your life isn’t quite that wonderful or adventure filled, I challenge you to find out what your “thing” is and gIt ‘er done.  There is a better life waiting for you, if you’ll just reach out and grab it. Oh, and if you need some help getting there, I’ll do what I can to help you “fix” it.  Have a great day!


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