A visit from God

21 Jan

Ok. I believe in God, and I was raised as a Protestant Christian. Two of my children have been confirmed in the Catholic faith and the third will do the same in a few years. We attend church, not as regularly as I would like, and I’ve read most of the Bible at least once. That is my religion. That is not my faith.
My faith is my greatest blessing. It is not bound by any religion. I feel more connected to the Divine now than I ever have in my life, and I love it when a person of faith, a person of any faith, speaks a truth that makes me look at life differently, makes me want to do better or just rocks my world. Spiritual people understand that spiritual truths are true in any religion. For me, Divine inspiration can come from the Dalai Lama, the Pope or from the mouths of babes. And when you read or hear a spiritual truth and truly understand and feel it, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
I recently started reading a book called Thirty Days to Live by Chris and Kerry Shook. I got it for a ridiculously low price on Amazon on or around Cyber Monday 2011. I had no idea why I was drawn to buy it, but I did. It’s become one of those books I read in snippets because it’s written that way. Today I read a passage about God visiting your home and wouldn’t you want to pick up if God was coming to dinner?
It also talked about how we treat our bodies, either over or under emphasizing the importance of how we look, and that really made me think. For those of us who pray, don’t we invite God into our homes every day? Indeed, we even invite the Divine into our hearts and minds which are housed by our bodies. Would we really want the Divine to visit either place at this very moment? Would we want to visit those places, if we were God? Wow, what an eye opener! As I’ve said before, I have a home that looks pretty good most days, but it took a while to get there. I also decided this is the year to get my body back in shape through healthy eating and gentle exercise, but thinking about the conditions I’ve been asking the Divine to visit really struck a chord with me. Yes, I know that God loves us no matter what. Yes, I know that God sees past all of our humanness and looks directly at who we really are, and yes, I realize we are so much more than our homes and our bodies, but it all does matter.
It matters that we don’t take care of the gifts of a home and its contents, which are all from our Source/God/Creator. It matters that we hoard or just refuse to get rid of items that no longer serve us because we don’t have enough faith that the Divine will provide what we need when we need it. It matters that we give the temple of our soul/inner being fuel that is substandard. It matters that we abuse our bodies with alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal), food and no exercise. It matters that we allow ourselves to be less than what we were put on the Earth to be. And it matters that, when we realize we’ve strayed from the path we were born to be on, we make the effort to find our way back, no matter how long it takes.
For me that spiritual truth was a reminder that I’ve been in cruise mode in some areas of my life, and it’s time to shift into a higher gear. I hope some of you will join me and move in a new and better direction too. Have a great day!!


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