Monday Do Over

23 Jan

Every day is a chance to do it better

Don’t you just love beginnings?  They feel fresh and hopeful.  Today is the beginning of a new quarter and new semester for my children.  This past quarter was not the best for a couple of them, so today is a new beginning for them, a chance to do better and be better.  That’s why I like Mondays.  It’s a new week and a chance to be a better wife, mom, person and CEO of our home.  Sunday is usually the time that I plan what I would like to accomplish for the week, but Monday is the day to jump in and make some progress.  We try to have a weekly family dinner on Sunday to reconnect with one another and to look at our calendar and see where the week is headed.  When we do that, we seem to have a happier flow to the week.

As I look around my house this Monday morning, I see lots of projects in progress.  That is not a good thing for a person like me.  Lots of projects means lots of distractions, which, with my ADHD brain, can lead to overwhelm and the inability to do anything.  That has happened in the past, more times than I would like to admit.  It also sets a bad precedent in the house because my level of organization or lack thereof seems to affect everyone else who lives here.  I leave something undone and the whole family joins in and before you know it, the chaos monster has reared its ugly head once more. 

These days, though, I’ve figured out how to forgive myself and fight the chaos monster one room or one task at a time.  My weapon is a timer.  For those of us who get sidetracked, a timer is invaluable.  A timer not only helps you see how much you can accomplish in a short period of time (I like 20 minute intervals), but if you happen to get sidetracked and wander away, it reminds you to come back to the original task and gets you back on track.  Also, because of, I’ve learned to split my home into zones and focus on one area at a time.  That has been a life saver in helping me decide where to focus my energy, and I’ve adapted that to office and volunteer projects as well as my home.

So here I am on this Monday morning looking at a fresh start and forgiving myself once again for backsliding and trying not to get mad at myself and my kids and my husband for joining me, and you know what?  I’m doing a pretty good job with it.  Now, it’s time to get back on the horse, pick up my trusty timer and set out to slay the chaos monster once again.  You know, it’s kind of nice to be a damsel in distress that can occasionally rescue her own damn self.  Have a great day!!


One Response to “Monday Do Over”

  1. Ranya June 20, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    I’m enjoying your blog very much Karen. Ranya from flylady chat 🙂

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