Affirming Your Life

3 Feb

There is a school of thought that says we have control over how we think and ultimately control over our lives, and though we cannot always control our circumstances, we can control how we react to them. Some call it mindful living. Some call it finding God’s purpose and some call it awakening. Whatever you call it, it brings you to a new level of awareness of yourself, your priorities and how you make your everyday choices. For me, the gateway to living a life of purpose was through learning to set goals and write affirmations. The challenge for me was to learn the difference between the two, and when I did, the magic started to happen.
I learned about setting goals in high school. I learned to set my sights on something, like the college I wanted to attend, and go for it. I didn’t write my goals down then, but I thought about them every day. It worked some of the time and when it did, it felt great. The interesting thing about goals is that you sometimes forget to amend them and set new ones when you get the things you want, until you get uncomfortable again and want something more. Goal setting is a great way to get you to think about your daily activities and stretching yourself to grow.
Over the past few years, though, I have fallen in love with affirmations. Goals, for me, can lose their punch because I’m much better at short term thinking. I am in awe of those who have a 5, 10, and 20 year plan. I just hope they have some fun along the way. Affirmations help me to grow and be happy now. They help me to remember every day what I want out of life. Some days they are the only things that keep me from spiraling into despair when chaos is taking over my life. My affirmations are extremely personal and help me express how I want to think and act and be every day of my life. They also help me to keep the faith with the sometimes lofty goals that I set. My affirmations are constantly changing and they’ve grown as I’ve grown. They are a personal manifesto of how I want to be and though it scares me to do it, I’m going to share them with you because I hope that you will develop your own affirmations to help you be more mindful and grow into the person you truly wish to be.
I have three pieces of advice for writing affirmations. First, they should always be positive. Instead of saying I want to stop fighting with my spouse/partner, say my spouse/partner and I enjoy being with each other and lift each other’s spirits. You can’t control how they will behave, but why not send them some happy thoughts anyway? Second, affirmations are intended to raise you up, not drag you down. Create affirmations about your body, finances or anything else that make you feel really good just thinking about it. Third, remember that affirmations can change daily if necessary. If you write or say them for a couple of days and they just don’t feel real or uplifting, change them.
So, as scary as sharing my affirmations is for me, here they are. They aren’t the same ones I started the year with, but they are a snapshot of where I am currently headed, and they make me feel great as I think about and re-write them every day.

1. I live my best life every day knowing tomorrow will be even better.
2. My beautifully clean, decluttered and amazingly efficient home is filled with love and laughter.
3. I easily and joyfully raise my own vibration by improving my mind, body and spirit daily.
4. I love my constantly improving body.
5. I love my constantly improving life.
6. I recognize and welcome more loving, supportive people into my life and easily release those who aren’t.
7. I live in grace, wisdom and love always.
8. I welcome and bless our always increasing financial abundance, awareness and knowledge.
9. Every day in every way I get better and better.
10. With God all things are possible.
Good luck on your affirmation journey, and I would love to hear how your life improves because of them. Have a great day!


One Response to “Affirming Your Life”

  1. mindfullyhealing February 4, 2012 at 4:25 am #

    I love this 🙂 Something that I’ve discovered about affirmations (that you also mentioned in your blog) is that, at least for me, they have to be really personal for me to get anything out of them. I bought a tape of affirmations once, and it just didn’t work for me. But then I taped a piece of paper that said “I am okay, just how I am” on my mirror, and at that moment, that was just what I needed, and it DID work for me.

    I haven’t thought about affirmations in a while, but you’ve inspired me to revisit the idea. Thank you.

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