Me Version 48.11

14 Mar


The past few days I’ve had to circle the wagons and keep mostly to myself. As much as I wanted to share what was going on in my life, I knew that I just had to keep it between me and my husband and one trusted friend. By keeping things tightly wrapped, I could control the energy around it and how to proceed with it and how to think about it, well mostly. You see, “it” is a lump in a place women never want to find a lump. It is small and isn’t painful, and now that the doctor seems to think it’s nothing to worry about, I can talk and write about “it”. Now that “it” is reduced to something nonthreatening, I can move forward with confidence and let everyone know that I have been through worry and doubt and anger, and I’ve come out the other side renewed with faith and hope and a new plan for my life.

First, if you are a woman, please make self-exams part of your life, at least once per month. It was my monthly self-exam that led me to find this intruder. If you love a woman, make sure she is doing her self-exams regularly and calls her doctor if she finds anything unusual. It could save her life.

I’ve also realized some things the past few days. I’ve realized that I can be still and quiet much longer than I ever thought I could. I’ve realized that if I ask for answers and look for them, they will come, sometimes faster that I could imagine, and I’ve realized it’s time to reinvest in my health.

A few of my friends already think I’m a crunchy granola, earth mother kind of woman, and in some ways they’re right. We eat mostly organic vegetables and fruit, pasta, and dairy and the highest quality of meat we can afford. There are hardly any products in our home with the words hydrogenated, corn syrup (high fructose or otherwise) or red dye #40 in the ingredient list. We eat at or from home at least 80% of the time (my kids and husband pack their lunch during the week) and my idea of fast food is a salad from one of the local sub franchises, but I know I can do better.

I can up the number of veggie servings in our diet and add new grains that are gluten free and much healthier than pasta and noodles. I can seek out local farmers who raise grass fed cows instead of corn fed. I can buy more local produce in the spring, summer and winter, and I can make more homemade foods, like bread, pasta and sauces. I have always tried to opt for more natural brands, but I’m finding out that natural isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. I’ve started reading books that are teaching me to be more aware of everything I put into and on my body and everything I use in my home. The amount of chemicals we are around daily is staggering. So today is the day I start making improvements by learning to live a simpler, healthier life in every way that I can. Today is the day that I take control of my physical, my mental and my spiritual health like never before. Today is a beautiful day for living and I will savor it. I might even roll down the windows of my very mom like minivan and sing at the top of my lungs. I may have even done that already. I may have lifted up a prayer of thanks and I may have enjoyed every moment of my day more than I have in a long time. You see, I’m not asking anyone else to change. I hope everyone will consider making a change, even if it’s a little one because I believe a little knowledge and a few changes can make a big difference. I also believe that every one of us deserves great health and happiness. Join me in loving life and living it fully. Thanks for being you and have a great day!


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