17 Mar

I have taken on a writing challenge through another blogger I’ve been following.  On Fridays, she challenges other bloggers to write for 5 minutes without editing.  This is my first swing at it. I find it ironic that the subject of the day is bravery.  Most of the time I like to think of myself as brave.  I like to think I have courage.  This week my bravery was challenged by some thing the size of a pea.  I got the final word today that what was originally a lump has been reduced to a sebaceous cyst, but that sebaceous cyst had me questioning how brave I really was. I can’t imagine how much bravery it takes to endure chemo, lose your hair and still maintain some kind of family life.  I know women who have done it.  I know women who are doing it and this week, they have become my new sheroes (that is not a typo).  I hope I never have to be that brave and I am grateful that I only have to think about that kind of bravery and not muster it.  To anyone who has faced this and been brave through it, I salute you.


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