Five Minute Friday Gift

30 Mar

Oh there are so many when you stop to count

My husband, my children, my ability to write, my home, love in all of its forms, the sun, the sky, flowers, trees, pets and clean clothes.

Joy and laughter, fresh popcorn, a smaller number on the scale, chocolate, best friends, nieces, Khloe, just breathing in the air on a warm spring day.

Snow days, hot chocolate, joy in ordinary moments, brownies, acceptance letters, scholarships, my car

New clothes and old favorites, comfortable shoes, a surprise dinner out or a lunch invitation any time

A love note written, a love note received, again love in all its forms. Yes I think love is the greatest gift of all, to give and receive and to put in everything we do. Yes, it would have to be love. The kind that can move mountains or a stubborn heart or just be in silence with you when you need it the most

Love for myself, now there’s one gift I want more of. Getting better, but can get better than I am

God loves me or so they say, so I am worthy of loving myself. Why don’t I do it better? I want to do better. I will do better. Everyone needs someone who loves them. Love and be loved. What a gift.


One Response to “Five Minute Friday Gift”

  1. Kelly W March 30, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    My thoughts went toward love as a gift as well. I enjoyed your list of gifts, taking pleasure and joy in the many blessings of each day. Wonderfully expressed!

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