Five Minute Friday Light

6 Apr

Today the light of the World was temporarily extinguished, but the light cannot ever be extinguished. There is no dark switch. There is only the darkness in all of us and whether we choose to feed the light or the dark. It’s so simple, but it isn’t easy.

I love the light. The light make me feel safe and warm, but I sometimes choose the dark. Maybe I need to learn from the dark how not to be. I love the light, but I wonder if I can ever be good enough to stay in the light. The sacrifice tells me that I am worthy. Why do I have trouble believing that?

Ami I so human that I cannot see my own divinity? God doesn’t make junk. I see the light in the eyes of my children. I see it in the windows of their souls. I search for it in my own eyes. Some days it seems so clear. Some days I struggle to see even a flicker. I love the light and want to be a part of it always. Maybe I have to stray to really appreciate. I am the prodigal daughter and every time I return I feel the love in the light and the love in me and I am so very blessed by it all. Love and light are the lifeblood of humanity. We need so much more of it.


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