Creating the Life of your Dreams

14 Jun

” If you are going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen.” – by Jack Canfield

I believe that everyone deserves to have the life of their dreams. More importantly, I believe that everyone can have a life that is fulfilling and inspiring and full of joy at least in my part of the world. There are just too many examples of people who have overcome the most heinous of circumstances to live a beautiful life for me to believe otherwise. I know that sounds very Pollyanna-ish, and I realize that there are so many in the world who are suffering today, but each person that suffers offers someone else a chance of creating that fulfilling and joyful life, not just for themselves, but for someone else as well.

As a woman, living in the United States of America, my life is pretty good by default. I live in a nation of unlimited opportunities for women. I can choose to stay at home to take care of my family full time. I can choose to work full time. I can choose any number of options in between. I can vote. I can drive. I get a free education through high school. I can choose if, when and where I go to college and/or grad school and whether I choose to become a doctoral candidate. I choose the number of children I will have and who I will marry or divorce. I have so much control over my life just like the rest of the women in this country.

Unfortunately, we also have one of the highest rates of depression and medication for that and other mental disorders in the world. The blessing of being able to choose to be happy and successful also allows us the choice to be unhappy and depressed. Now, before anyone cries foul and says that depression isn’t a choice and that mental health requires medication, let me state that I understand that there are times and situations when medication is necessary. I have family members and friends that have benefitted from medication when their mental health was unstable. Some of them require medication to get through life. Others, however, have used the medication to get through a difficult time and now are medication free. It doesn’t always have to be a lifelong dependency, but I digress…again.

Yesterday, I looked at the calendar and realized that there are ten weeks of summer break until my children go back to school. Every summer I have grand visions of overhauling my life; losing 50 pounds, de-cluttering my house from top to bottom, becoming a bestselling author and making a million dollars while being a super mom, wife and friend. I can dream big for sure. The catch is actually doing the day to day things that will create the kind of life I want to live, so this summer I’m going to do something different. I’m going to put some gentle pressure on myself to actually follow through on some of my summer dreams. First, I’m going to check in with reality. Yes, I want to be and do those things, but the chance of them happening in the next ten weeks is unlikely; possible, maybe, likely, no. The gentle pressure will come in the form of accountability, and the accountability will be to my readers.

Some people do best at going for a goal when they keep things to themselves. The power of the secret fuels them. I do better when I have public accountability, not because I intend to shame myself if I don’t reach my goal or because I value your opinion of me more than my own. I like the public accountability because if I’m only accountable to myself, it’s much easier to slack off a day, which turns into a week, which become months and years. I am a social person and the energy of others helps me stay focused. For example, I know I should exercise at least five days per week. I have a friend who I’ve started walking with. Both of us have substantial weight to lose. We don’t walk fast, but we usually walk for at least an hour per day. She is on vacation this week, and I haven’t walked once. Now that I’ve shared that with you, I know I’ll walk today. Is that crazy? Maybe, but it works for me.

So here’s my plan. I plan to exercise regularly, lose weight, write consistently, de-clutter regularly and spend quality time with my family every week. If I can combine a few of those activities, I’ll be thrilled. Every week, I’ll check in and let you know what my progress is. If you have a few things you’d like to accomplish in the next ten weeks or more, I would love for you to join me. Maybe we can create a Facebook page to cheer each other on. My plan is to make this the most wonderful summer ever, and this year I have a secret weapon to actually make it happen…you! Thanks for being you and have a great day!


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