Karmic Kick in the Pants

24 Jul

With faith you can move mountains. With doubt you can create them. Someone shared this on Facebook today, and it temporarily rocked my world. I have been focusing on living with faith for a very long time, and most of the time I’m successful. I have days that flow beautifully, and I can see the Divine in everything. I really do feel like I could move mountains on those days. What I didn’t consider is the power of doubt to create those mountains. Today, I understand that on a level I never have before, and I’ll tell you why.

This month I’ve started reading something uplifting and spiritual just before I go to sleep and first thing in the morning before I get up. I wanted to see what kind of difference it would make in my life. It has been huge. I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before. I understand things I’ve never understood before. I’m experiencing things in ways I’ve never experienced them before, and the most exciting part is that the more I see, the more faith I have, and the more faith I have, the more I see.

Something else is happening too, though, that tests my faith and is teaching me about doubt. There are things and people that are not as much a part of my life as I’d like. I feel a distance that part of me doesn’t want to accept. It’s a part of the process I want to control, but deep down, I know that it’s the part of the process that requires the most faith on my part. I know that the people and situations in my life are exactly what I need right now. When I’m feeling lonely, sad or rejected, that faith is tested the most. Does the doubt ever win? Yes it does, sometimes, but not for long because I’ve learned something along the way.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When people treat you badly, it’s usually because you’re treating yourself badly. If you constantly say that life is hard, it usually is. When you focus on why you can’t do something, the excuses will keep coming. On the other hand, when you treat yourself well, so does the world for the most part. When you look for reasons to succeed, you’ll find them, and most amazingly, when you ask for and look for miracles, you’ll find them. Sometimes you’ll see more miracles in one day than others see in a lifetime. That happened for me today. I asked for confirmation and received it almost immediately. It was beautiful and put a smile on my face that lasted all morning.

So if you’re living in faith that the Divine is conspiring to create a beautiful life for you and it is, I salute you. If you see more mountains than you feel you can move, maybe a shift from doubt to faith is in order. How do you make that shift? I think it starts with deciding to move mountains instead of create them, and if you find yourself creating a mountain with your doubt, stop while it’s still just a hill and call on faith to get you over it. If you can’t do it alone, call on someone who believes in you and will help you. If you can’t think of anyone to call, contact me and we’ll go on that faith journey together. Thanks for being you and have a great day!


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