The Divine Headsmack

3 Dec

Last night I had a difficult time falling asleep, which is unusual for me. I rarely last more than five minutes after my head hits the pillow. Last night was different. I tossed and turned all night and this morning I had some upsetting dreams. It was not my best start to a day and my mood wasn’t the best either. I couldn’t blame anyone or anything for it. I just felt crummy. I don’t think I was unpleasant to anyone, but I wasn’t my normal cheery morning self.

After everyone was gone, I dragged myself through my morning tasks, but my heart just wasn’t in it. It was a cloudy, dreary day and my attitude matched the weather, dark and possibly threatening. I think I was just doing what needed to be done because I know the holidays are coming and I also know the kind of banshee I can become if I get too far behind. That is not the way I want to usher in the holidays this year. So I plodded on. The sun actually peeked out at one point and I decided to get a quick walk in before the heavier rain that was due later today set in. It’s unseasonably warm here, about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so I didn’t even need a jacket. On December 3rd in Ohio, even southern Ohio, that is unheard of.

I walked and looked and talked with my hubby on my cell phone. We groused about our current insurance bill, which for some unknown reason, went up 23 percent in the last six months. A call to our insurance agent assured us with their new “discounts” we could certainly bring that amount down. I walked for over half an hour and was almost home when I remembered Caden Beggan. Have you ever felt like you’ve been divinely slapped upside your head? Thinking about Caden and then his family was just the divine wallop I needed. The short version of Caden’s story is that he’s a six year old boy from Scotland with big eyes and a bigger smile that will warm your heart in an instant. He died just a couple of weeks ago from an awful strain of meningitis that ravaged his body before it took his life. That, however, is not the story of Caden. The story of Caden is in the facebook postings, newspaper articles and TV news stories. The story of Caden is how his story drew so many who were willing to pray for him and his family as they shared their journey. The story of Caden is that he and his family continue to inspire people half a world away who have never even met them. If you’d like to know more about Caden, Google his name and read some of the beautiful words his loving family wrote about him. Perhaps it will inspire you too.

How did thinking of Caden affect me? In an instant, I realized my problems and gripes of the day were petty and easily dismissed. Immediately, I said a prayer for Caden’s family who are finding their way without one of their own and for all other families in the world who are doing the same. I also said a prayer of thanks for the health of my own children. I felt lighter and brighter and I have Caden and his family to thank for that.

So back to the grind I went, though it doesn’t feel like a grind anymore. I showered and re-booted my day. I baked fresh bread for dinner and for my children’s lunches. I baked a small batch of cookies for them to eat when they get home so I can sit with them and memorize every detail of their faces. I sat down to write to pay back just a fraction of the gratitude I feel for my life right now, and I’ll share it so that it will hopefully help lift someone else too. Thanks for being you and have a great day!


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