Do Better December 12th 2014 Living the Day by Surviving or Thriving

15 Dec

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Grant me the serenity to keep my heart open this week…
To forgive and let go…
To acknowledge my patterns of stress and to release them…
To be present, mindful and kind

By Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution

I was trying to think of something to write about this morning, not because I am struggling to find a subject, but because there are so many subjects I can think of to write about right now. I could write about holiday stress. I could write about losing composure. I could write about having bad mornings with your kids, all of which have happened in that past 24 hours. I’m sure there are those who have had the same issues, but when I read this poem/prayer, I knew I preferred to focus this week on solutions rather than challenges. We’ll all have challenges for sure this week. Some will be associated with Chanukah and Christmas. Some will be dealing with the people who celebrate those holidays if you don’t. Some will be health issues, both physical and mental, of your own or of loved ones. The only folks without challenges have a headstone, mausoleum or something else that marks their demise, and I prefer to stay out of that club for a while.

For me, this poem/prayer embodies everything I would like to be this week and the rest of my life. I want to live with my heart open, even if it gets knocked around and broken on occasion. Love is worth the risk. I want to be forgiving of others, and I am usually successful with that, although there is that one person I struggle to forgive, and I have to see her in the mirror whenever I look into one. The best part about forgiveness is the letting go part, and you’ll know when you’ve truly let go because if someone mentions something you’ve forgiven and let go of, you really have to think about it to remember it. That is one of the coolest feelings I’ve ever felt, and it makes it so much easier to be present, mindful and kind when you’ve released the negativity of stress.

So today as you go through your day, try keeping your heart open to caring for others. Forgive the idiot who cuts you off. Forgive the goofballs that you live with, even though you might think they’re doing something just to get under your skin. Has it ever occurred to you that no one got up this morning with the intention to tick you off? Even if they did, it says much more about them if they did and more about you if you let them. Do a shoulder check a few times today and consciously relax the muscles in your shoulders, neck and back. Releasing that tension can change your entire outlook on the day. Try to be present in the each moment and enjoy it for what it is. If you can’t enjoy it, ask yourself why. Maybe you need to change more than your attitude. Maybe you need to change what you’re doing, and that may be the kindest and most mindful thing you do, not only for yourself, but for others too. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to being your grumpy, mean self later. For me, I’ll be moving through this incredibly busy day looking for all of the grace and kindness I can find, and hopefully, I find it everywhere. I hope that you will too. As always, thanks for being you and have a great day!


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