Do Better December 16th 2014 Your Creative Genius

16 Dec

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I believe that everyone is creative. Some people will disagree with me at first, but hear me out and then decide if you agree with me. I am the person who can make an airplane out of a roll of Life Savers, a rubber band and some wooden sticks. Some people would call that creative. I call it being able to follow directions from a craft website. I can bake beautiful breads and cookies from a recipe. I can make beautiful handmade cards from a model. I can develop routines in my home that help each family member live a more effective and happier life. I have the skills to follow someone else’s instructions and make something beautiful from it. I know several others who can do the same, but I need someone else’s inspiration to make that happen.

I find my true creative genius elsewhere. My creativity comes from words. I love words. I love to read them, to listen to them and to write them. I love the English language, but I also love words from other languages as well. Words like farfalle, montequilla and merci roll around in my brain and make me happy to think about. I get a little thrill when one of my children uses an uncommon and appropriate word to say something. When my oldest was small, I read an article that said the reason that two year olds said the word “no” so much was that it was the word they heard the most, so we spent a great deal of time using other words to train him. One day, someone asked him a question about whether he liked chocolate ice cream, and he said, “Well actually, I prefer vanilla.” The person looked at me and said “Actually?” and I told them we didn’t use the word no, and I was secretly delighted that, at two years old, he used the word prefer as well. Such is my love of language. Reading, writing and speaking are joyful exercises for me, and I am grateful that I am able to do what I love most with words.

It pains me to hear people say they are not creative, because I really do believe we all have a creative side. When I was a room parent, I would invest time in finding interesting activities for class parties. I would always try to find one active and one quiet activity for the class so we could let them expend some pent up energy, but bring them back to center for their and the teachers’ sakes. At one party, one of the helper moms complimented me on the activities saying she wasn’t creative and could never come up with the kinds of activities I did. I thanked her, and asked her what she did for a living. She was an Accountant. I have to tell you. Accountants fascinate me. I admire them so much because I am wired so differently than they are. I especially admire Tax Accountants and that’s what she was. I asked her if she was able to look at someone’s tax form and often find deductions they may not have been able to find for themselves, and she said yes. I told her that was creativity, and something I didn’t think I would ever be able to learn to do. I’m not sure she believed me, but I it amazes me the magic that people in the financial world can do with numbers.

Today, I’m using my creative abilities in several ways. I have a very busy day and need to be out of the house early. That always challenges me because I have better energy and focus for housework in the morning, so I’ll be doing what I can before I leave and making the most of the shortened time I have. I have several errands to run, and I’ll be using my creativity to decide how to complete them all with the least amount of wasted driving time. I’ll be using my creativity to figure out the last few gifts to purchase for Christmas, and I’ll be using it to start our annual Christmas letter. Creativity isn’t always about putting paint to a canvas, a bow to violin or a voice to a song. It’s about making something beautiful, and there are so many ways to do that.

So, how will you be creative today? If you have young children, will you be singing songs to help them finish eating a meal, clean up toys or sit still while you shampoo their hair in the bath? If you have older children, will you make or buy them a special snack that they can eat while they do homework? Will you play classical music to help them concentrate while they do homework? Will you be cooking a dinner that makes your family smile? If you have the house to yourself, will you be buying gifts for someone for the holidays? Will you be hosting a Hanukkah meal for others or your family tonight or any of the next eight nights? All of these can be fun and creative moments in your day, and if you need inspiration for that creativity there are countless sites on the internet to help you.

Today, embrace your creativity wherever your creative talent may be. You may just find out you’re more creative than you ever knew. You may never paint the likes of the Sistine Chapel, but then, only one person in the history of the world was able to pull that one off. You may never write a symphony; only a handful of people have done that successfully. You may never sing an aria at the Met; dozens have done it but millions have not. You may, however, discover that your creativity is just what the world needs, whether it’s assessing a row of numbers and coming up with a strategy to make or save your company more money, talking with clients to bring in more sales or serving a meal with grace and charm in your home or in a place of business. Your creativity matters and when you find where you do it best and it gives you the most joy, you’ll find the bliss you may have been searching for your entire life. That is my hope for everyone. If you’ve found it, hooray for you! If you’re still looking, I hope you find it soon, but until then, thanks for being you and have a great day.


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