Do Better December 19th 2014 The Stop, Drop and Roll Holiday

19 Dec

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Yesterday I was reading a page I follow on Facebook called Fitbitten, which “is a community of like- minded women who understand that supporting, empowering and connecting with other women is an important key to wellness.” Since I have a fitbit and the woman who manages the page is an online friend of mine, I would enjoy reading whatever uplifting posts she writes. Occasionally, she posts something that truly hits home and today is one of those days. This morning’s post was about stop, drop and roll, which we’re all familiar with in a fire emergency. The analogy this morning pertains to the holidays.

We all have those moments during the holidays when someone does something or doesn’t do something that results in our being upset. Your kids have whined the entire day, and one of them just broke something. You’ve spent hours shopping and wrapping only to find you forgot one person…one stinking person. That one relative that seems to know just which button to push to get your emotions going is not only pressing the button, they’re practically tapping out War and Peace on it, and the war part is about to win. You’re out running errands and running late and as you’re standing in the freezer aisle when some woman reaches over, grabs the freezer door and some of your hair with it and gives it a yank. You yell when she pulls a few strands out and tell her that she just pulled your hair and she looks at you without apology like you’re the crazy one. Believe it or not, that really did happen to a friend of mine, after a night of insomnia.

So what do you do when those things happen? You can explode, and I’ve seen that one first hand. I’ve also been the one exploding now and then. It isn’t pretty, and I do not recommend it. You can feel wounded and not respond outwardly, which usually winds up with what I call a martyr moment when you make some passive-aggressive remark that lets the person know you were paying attention, but you’re keeping your indignant attitude to yourself, maybe. Or, you could try something different. You could stop in your tracks, drop the attitude and roll with the circumstances. You can ask yourself how this will affect your life in five years, and if you can say that it doesn’t, why not let it go now instead of hours, days, weeks or even months from now? I know don’t want to let your kids misbehave. I know you don’t want to go back out shopping. I especially know you don’t want to be nice to that relative, but what if, for your own sanity, you decided that whatever is happening is not worth your time and effort to correct? What if you decide to be different?

I love the saying that we do not see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. Isn’t that the truth? If we’re in a bad mood, it’s amazing how many idiots and morons are on the road. By the way, did you know that idiots are anyone driving faster than you and morons are anyone driving slower? Think about it. Do you realize that makes you both an idiot and a moron too? Why do we think every circumstance in the world has to be the way we want it to be for us to be happy? If you need someone else to change for you to be happy, you are setting yourself up for a lot of unhappiness. So what if we stop? We can stop judging others. We can stop looking to be offended. We can stop trying so darned hard to be everything for everyone and just be ourselves. We can drop the martyr attitude. We can drop the snarky remarks. We can drop the indignation, and we can roll with whatever comes along.

Sometimes rolling along looks like my morning did this morning. I had my day planned and was ready to go, but both of my boys forgot something they needed at school today. I was preparing to leave the house about noon time or a little earlier and found myself out and about at 7:30am. Today is my day to deliver goodies to the school that my children attend and the Central Office for our district. Since I was going to one place and passing the other to get there, I decided to make extra early deliveries. Since I was out and about and thankfully showered and dressed for it, I did my grocery shopping early and finished by 9am. I came home and put the groceries away, and then went to the bank to make a delivery. I was going to make a delivery of gifts to someone, but they didn’t answer their phone and they called me just as I was sitting down at my computer to write. I hustled to their place and had a great visit, so here I sit at 2:15 in the afternoon, writing a blog post I intended to have finished before 9am. I had a plan, but apparently, the Divine had other plans, but when you roll with it, something beautiful happens.

Opportunities and grace show themselves. While I was out, I managed to fill my car with gas, get my car washed and vacuumed and purchase gifts for four people in addition to all of the other things I did, and I was still home before 1pm. I formulated so much of this blog post while I was driving, and it has practically written itself. I thought I was going to struggle to find enough to say today and was hoping for 500 words. I will be over 1,000 words by the time I finish this post. Maybe I wrote too much, but I am grateful for the inspiration. Today I have dropped what I am doing multiple times to do something else that pops up. I’ve kept my attitude in check for the most part, even with the idiots and morons out there, including me, and I am rolling right along, better than I hoped for when the day began. Has it been a perfect day? No, it has not, but it has been a good one, and as I glide into the evening I pray the grace that has kept me rolling today will keep pushing me through the evening. I hope that you roll along as well and if the road is getting bumpy, you know what to do. Thanks for being you and have a great weekend everyone!


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