Do Better December 23rd 2014 The Calm in the Crazy

23 Dec

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I should feel stressed and crazed right now. One celebration is over with two yet to come. My youngest son has a paper due at noon that my older two say is sadly lacking. I still have at least one gift to find and a few groceries to purchase, and I volunteered to babysit today. I should be frantic and on edge and overwhelmed, but I’m not. I actually feel very calm and ever faithful that everything will come together as it has nearly every year before. Yesterday, my family helped out for just a little while and we shined up the house and presented a delicious meal and enjoyed our company. Today we’ll be focusing on making the last few gifts, wrapping and a bit more cooking; oh yeah, and babysitting. Part of me wonders at the insanity of taking on a preschooler and a kindergartner. The wiser part of me knows that the kindness being extended to a single mom who has to work is more important than most of the gifts I’m making, wrapping or buying this season. Perhaps that accounts for the calm I feel in the midst of the holiday storm.

Today, or at least at this quiet moment in my morning, I can see beyond that chaos that accompanies the holiday. I understand that when we give from the heart and follow Divine promptings, we receive more than we give. I know it’s cliché to say that it’s better to give than receive, but the blessing in giving is what you do receive. Giving a gift that makes someone smile warms my heart. Lending a hand when someone reaches out to ask for help is fulfilling in a way that nothing else is. Sharing the abundance that the Divine blesses you with is a joyful and uplifting experience. Today I can feel that deep in my spirit.

I realize there is strife in the world, and I do not choose to minimize any of it. I do choose, however, to minimize my exposure to things I cannot change. Being informed, when it only creates fear and anger is time and energy wasted. I have never been a proponent of ignorance being bliss, but I am a proponent of focusing your energy where it does the most good. I cannot calm the racial tensions of everyone, but I can focus on nurturing the friendships I have with those of other races. I can continue to encourage my children to have friendships with those of other cultures and begin to change the world. I cannot make the financial problems of the world go away, but I can get out of debt and teach my children to make the better financial decisions I’ve learned to make. I’ve learned that the way to change the world is to change what I do and stop demanding that the world change to suit my wants. It’s liberating to let the problems of the world go and focus on living the best life you can, and for those who worry about being uninformed, there is a glut of information on the internet. Why should one news agency dictate how you think? Read both sides of a story and realize that the truth probably lies somewhere in between. When you think for yourself and let go of needing the world to be different for you to be happy, life changes for the better. You are happy because you choose to be. You restore hope in your life. You restore faith. I know because I am doing that.

The more I focus on the Divine plan for my life, the easier life gets. Time expands and more gets accomplished than I can dream of in a day. My attitude is better. I flow through life, and joy flows through me. I realize that I can only do my best and when I do my best, I feel good. I can focus forward and be calm and peaceful. I see miracles everywhere, and I live in gratitude. It is a place I love to be. So today as I sit in the quiet before the little ones arrive, I count my blessings. I choose my activities to maintain the calm I feel in this crazy time of year, and if I happen to lose the Zen-like feeling I have right now, I know that I can find it again. It’s what keeps me going and growing, and I hope you find it too. Time to shower and start the day, so thanks for being you and have a great day.


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