Rediscovering Peace and Harmony

22 Sep

Yesterday I was feeling out of sorts. I had just spent the weekend with those I love most and several of them had left our home. I love having them here, but I tend to do a few things differently when they’re here. I eat more than I should. I eat foods that aren’t healthy for my body. I stay up too late, and I get emotional when it’s time for everyone to leave. The day after everyone is gone feel like I have an emotional hangover. My body hurts. My brain is fuzzy, and I have no motivation to do anything. I spend so much time preparing for everyone’s arrival and having fun while they’re here, but I never give a thought about when they leave, and it throws me off track nearly every time. Yesterday I did manage to straighten up my home and even clean my shower, but it felt like a monumental effort to just make it through the day.

This morning, I got on social media much earlier than I usually do. I was still reeling and feeling disconnected and emotional. My body still hurt. I was still tired even after getting adequate sleep. I was still unmotivated and sent up a little prayer for help. The answers came fast and furious, perhaps because I was looking for them. Everything I read or listened to seemed to point me toward the terms peace and harmony. Just reading those words and thinking about them started a shift in my mind and my body. Have you ever read something that changed your physiology on the spot? Reading the word harmony did that for me today. I could feel my body start to relax as I released the tension I’ve been carrying around. I could feel my attitude about the day and several situations in my life begin to transform. The idea of living in harmony with life took hold and I began to think about what it would be like to live in harmony with life for the next 85 days and beyond.

If you check the calendar, 85 days from now is December 16th. On my Better Living Daily Facebook page, I am counting down to that day. Why December 16th? Well, that’s the day that all of my family members will be finished with school and work until after Christmas. That’s the day that I’m hoping to have all of my shopping, wrapping and pre-cooking finished so that I can relax and enjoy the holidays as much as the rest of my family. The thought of living those 85 days in peace and harmony rather than in stress and angst is truly exciting. Although I am truly more of a go with the flow kind of girl, I have learned over the past couple of decades that if I have a plan to get to where I want to go, I get there faster and with less stress. At one time in my life, I was the girl that pulled the all nighters because I put off writing papers and studying for exams until the last minute. I was the mom wrapping presents at 2am that would be unwrapped four hours later on Christmas Day. I would be late to parties because I had to stop on the way to buy the birthday card. Ok, I still do that one on occasion, but I’ve learned that planning and working ahead avoid so much stress, and I am determined to do that this year for the holidays. I know it drives some people batty to even talk about Christmas before Halloween, but for my own sanity, I need to start thinking about it. From Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey, I’ve learned to plan ahead financially and already have money saved for gifts and other holiday purchases. Through FlyLady, I’ve learned to take care of my home and plan my decorating and baking schedules. From Saving Dinner, I’ve learned to plan menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas and even the days before and after so I’m not scrambling to feed my family on the days immediately before and after the holidays. All of these programs have helped me to have a more peaceful end to each year, but harmony is something different. Harmony goes beyond peace for me. Harmony is what allows me to smile when that relative offers a back handed insult in the form of a question, like, “Do you think you really need that piece of pumpkin pie?” Harmony is what allows me to sit amongst the chaos of 60+ people and revel in the joy of a day spent with family. Harmony is understanding that no matter what anyone else’s situation is, I don’t have to feel guilty about my many blessings. On the flip side, though, harmony is also realizing that when I feel like whining because my life isn’t going as planned, it could be much worse. Right now, I know a couple who is trying to get their toddler stabilized to travel halfway around the country to have open heart surgery for the second time. Nothing in my life compares to that. Sunday, when I was feeling all weepy about my children all leaving to go back to college, I remembered a friend whose daughter will not be coming home at all. If that doesn’t adjust your attitude, nothing will. Is it weird that I can find harmony because of someone else’s struggle? Perhaps, but for me, I imagine myself telling that person my troubles and thinking about their response; because I remember being the mom with a sick baby in the hospital listening to others complain about their healthy baby waking up several times through the night. I wanted to shake them and ask them if they had any idea what a gift they had to be able to have their baby at home with them. I didn’t, but I certainly wanted to. I wasn’t at peace. I didn’t feel harmonious at that moment, but eventually I did make peace with my son’s medical condition and fifteen years later, his doctor calls him the rock star because we’ve worked hard to keep him healthy all of these years.

In the past, this is a challenging time of year for me. I am not a fan of autumn because I know winter is coming and I will be more confined and the grey cold is on its way. Before I had children in school, I always took vacations in September or October and again in February or March to beat the winter blues. Now that my children are older, I have been blessed to take a few days in January the past few years and spend them with one of my favorite people on the planet in the warmth of Florida. It restores my soul in more ways than I can tell you to walk along the beach and observe the peace and harmony of nature and hang out with one of the most positive people I know. Last year, though, as autumn and winter approached, I could feel the irritation rising, especially since I have so many friends who seem to enjoy the falling leaves and temperatures. Their joy became my sorrow. Their celebrations deepened my mourning. It was awful. This year, I decided that enough is enough. This year I want to embrace the seasons rather than resist them because what is the use of resisting something that you cannot change? After years of fighting it, I am looking to find a blessing in every day. I have decided to do a countdown on the Facebook page to help me pass the time in a more productive, peaceful and harmonious manner. It may not work perfectly, but I imagine it will work much better than my past methods of grumbling and turning my nose up at the joy of others. Believing in a higher power, I think that is what the higher power would want as well, so here I go. I will remind myself often that peace is a choice. I will, as much as possible, be in harmony with all that is, and where there is disharmony, I will know that there is room for growth and change. It may not be perfect, but perfection isn’t the goal because peace and harmony are so much more interesting. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks for being you and have a great day.


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