A Slice of My Life

28 Jul

What a week this has been. On Sunday, our aging dog, Jessie, began making a crazy noise while she eats. We know she’s at the end of her time with us. We can see her going downhill, so we took her to the vet on Monday, and the vet confirmed what we’ve been preparing for. It’s time to let her go and do her the service of allowing it to be painless and quick. We have an appointment on Saturday morning to say goodbye to our sweet, furry friend. As much as I know it’s time, I find myself tearing up at the most normal of times. I’m aware of how few times there will be to feed her, to scratch her behind her ear when I tell her goodnight and to have her sit at my feet when I sit on the sofa in our living room. As she has aged, Jessie has become a bit of a nag. She seems happiest when I’m sitting, and she is at my feet. She stands in the living room imploring me with those big brown eyes to sit and rest, and with only days left to indulge her, I find myself drawn to that sofa. I am writing this post while sitting there, and I’ve been doing so much paperwork to spend those moments with my furry friend.

On Saturday, we have an appointment to have my son’s car looked at. It was hit a month ago and since he can only be here on the weekends when he isn’t working, we are very limited to the time we can go to the claims center. My son and husband are in a golf outing in memory of my father in law that afternoon, and I’ll be joining them for dinner with at least 20 of our family members. The thing about life is that life goes on. We have moments that feel like it has stopped, but it never does. The best we can do is savor the good moments and let go of the bad. This week, I’m savoring the feel of my puppy’s fur. I’m watching her sleep like I watched my children when they were little. I tell her she will be able to rest soon, and I’m more emotional about it than I thought I would be, but there is a grace for me in this process. It keeps me from getting overly emotional about politics. It keeps me from being overly critical of myself for moving slower than I would like on the book.

Last week I posted about having more fun, and last weekend I had a blast. I drove 5 hours to Chattanooga to meet two online friends and attend part of a writer’s conference. Then, the following evening, I drove back home. It was a whirlwind and a joy. It was just the kind of fun I’ve been looking for and just the kind of memories that help you get through a week like this that is more challenging. So many people think badly of social media, but I met both of these kindred spirits online. We have nothing in common and yet we have everything in common. We come from different parts of the country. We come from different political backgrounds, a dicey area right now in the US. We have different lifestyles from a traditional mom to a mom who raised her only child while working full time to choosing not to have children. In some ways we shouldn’t be friends, but here’s the joy of it; we all write. One is a published poet who is a force of nature who draws people like a moth to a flame. One is a fiction writer with a keen eye for understanding and creating character. One is a blogger who writes about life. We have the same fears and yet admire each other. We had a fantastic time just being together, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I’ve also joined a blogging group and a WordPress group, and I’m learning there is so much more to learn. I’m also learning that every step is leading me to something else. It might be another gathering or a workshop or a weekend in Chattanooga, but it’s exciting and fun and it’s chasing a dream of writing for a living, even though I’m not sure what form that will take. I’ve written books and enjoyed that. I blog and enjoy that. I’ve begun making videos, and I enjoy that. I’m even working with my future daughter in love and enjoying that. No, that’s not a typo. It’s a phrase I heard years ago and one I like very much. This week has had and will have moments that are challenging and not enjoyable but I find that if I sail with the wind rather than against it, life flows more smoothly. So I’m setting my sails to catch as much wind as I can, and I’ll be sailing along the best I can, and some weeks that’s the best you can do. I wish you a week of smooth sailing and as always, thank you for being you and have a great day.


2 Responses to “A Slice of My Life”

  1. marichitsg July 29, 2016 at 1:05 am #

    Extra special hugs for Jessie ❤ 😦

    • karenbemmes July 29, 2016 at 1:47 am #

      Thank you Marichit. She is a such a sweet dog. We will miss her.

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