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My First Product Review

29 Oct

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So, one of the things I was told to do to as a blogger was to look into giving product reviews.  It took me a while to decide to do it and even longer to get approved, and the product I was supposed to review was not one I was excited about.  It’s a garden hose nozzle folks; soooo not sexy, but there’s an upside to this.  Hose nozzles and this family generally do not mix well.  I have destroyed several of them by running over them, thanks to people leaving them in the driveway.  We’ve just never found one that we like very much, so the idea of that being my first product review is a hoot.  I also had to learn how to create a video on my ipad and upload it to my blog.  To say there was a learning curve for this is quite an understatement, but I did it.  Who would have thought that reviewing a hose nozzle I received for free would not only have helped me find one we actually like, but helped me learn a new blogging skill too!

So, a quick rundown on the hose nozzle.  In addition to what I talk about in the video, we realized the soaker option would be great for animals who were skittish around water.  The force could be adjusted to help wet the dog down without the trauma of a forceful splash.  It was fun playing with all the different settings, and best of all, the nozzle didn’t leak at the attachment point on the hose.  Will this nozzle change your life?  Probably not, but we like it and are looking forward to using it more in the spring. Will I be doing more product reviews?  I actually hope so, because it was fun. If you’d like your very own Luxyhome Garden Hose Nozzle, click here. Until then, remember to turn your clocks back tonight and enjoy the extra hour of sleep!  Thanks for being you and have a great day!

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